Mago futurista

Mago futurista poster, 2013, Casa d’arte futurista Depero, Rovereto

This poster was designed as part of  the Mago futurista exhibit by Paolo Ventura at the Casa d’arte futurista Depero/Mart in Rovereto.

Designed by Kim Mingo and Paolo Ventura

Dimensions: 30”x40” inches

2 color poster hand printed on an antique letterpress in Italy.

Limited edition of 100 signed and editioned by Paolo Ventura and Kim Mingo.

Note: The poster is printed on vintage paper and any irregularities (including small folds or tears) are part of the piece. Each poster is unique.

Price: $250 (plus $50 shipping and handling)

© Copyright Paolo Ventura 2007 – 2013